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821 Jackson Avenue April 21st, 2016 — Three houses photographed during a walk in the Strathcona area of Vancouver, a neighbourhood yet to be discovered by developers so still full of gardens and houses with character. Speculators maybe find it a bit too close to the railway tracks and the downtown eastside. One hopes it stays that way.
700 block of Hawks Avenue.
621 Union Street.

More trees gone

Removing trees in Vancouver 1 April 14th, 2016 — It always amazes me that the city complains about the lack of tree cover in Vancouver — blaming it on uncaring homeowners — and here we have city crews taking out five trees on Burrard street at 5th Avenue for who knows what reason; another bike lane? If I need a pile of permits to remove a long dead apple tree from my back yard then it’s only fair the city should need its citizens approval to chop down trees in public spaces.
Removing trees in Vancouver 2
Removing trees in Vancouver 3

Oil tank removal

Removing underground oil tank April 5th, 2016 — Early this winter while landscaping our back yard we discovered an abandoned underground oil tank. This morning Tanktech came by and removed it in a couple of hours. I’d thought of digging it up myself, cutting it into small pieces, hauling it off to the scrap yard. With my present level of fitness that would have taken until late 2017 working at it every day. Life is too short so the pro’s were brought in and now we wait for lab results to see if there is soil contamination. More pictures in the gallery HERE.

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