Miscellaneous Photographs

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Future past

Automobile sculpture January 24, 2015 — This sculpture of conventional automobiles, part of the Vancouver Biennale, sits high on a tree stump amid the traffic of Expo Blvd a homage to the past greatness of muscle cars. Within a couple of blocks sit two single seater electric cars waiting for someone to test drive. They are Electra Meccanica’s made by Intermeccanica Coach Builders in Vancouver and they are the future. For another look at cars from the past check out “The Car Project”.Electric car

If it works do it.

Motocross bike on car Circa 1990 — One of the things I liked about motocross riders is that they do what they have to do to race. No pickup truck or trailer to carry the bike to the track then strap it to the top of dad’s old station wagon. So what if the roof gets dented it’s just a car, an appliance for getting somewhere. An unknown rider at Duncan motocross track.
Motocross bike on car

Feeding pigeons

Feeding pigeons September 2015 — Back in September I came across this woman playing with and I assume also feeding pigeons on Granville Street across from The Bay. Today there was a man in almost the same location doing much the same. Both were surrounded by dozens of birds until a noise frightened them away.
Feeding pigeons

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